Top 4 Reasons to Hire an Expert Painter?

March 13, 2018


When it comes to painting your home you might consider doing the job yourself to save some money, but is it worth it? Do you have the right ladders for the job? Do you know how to fix drywall imperfections? Do you know which paint or caulk to use? You do have a caulk gun right? Am I really saving money? 


Money isn’t the only concern either, time is also a factor.


Are you taking vacation just to paint your home? (I hope not) If not, are you planning to paint one room a night? Cram it all into a weekend? A DIY job might take weeks to paint a standard 3 bedroom house while a team of experts could do two coats on the whole interior in only days. If you have young kids or pets, multiply the stress factor by 10 as they "navigate" around your materials and drop cloths. 


There is a lot to consider before you DIY your biggest investment.


There are many other reasons why you should hire an expert instead of painting yourself. Here are my 4 Top 4 Reason Why You Should Hire an Expert. Read ahead.


1. You Want the Job Done in Minimal Time


You can save a lot of time if you choose to hire an expert to paint your home instead of opting to do it yourself. Sanding, caulking, patching holes, priming, and covering up surfaces all add up and you haven’t even opened up a paint bucket yet.


While painting your home with a loved one might sound fun, it’s hardly done at montage speed. In fact it can become a very tedious and time consuming task.


 5 minutes before the dread sets in.


So if time is off the essence, it is best to hire a professional to help your home because this will save you a great deal of time in the end.


Time is money!


2. You Are Looking for Flawless Results


If you want flawless edges and a perfect finish – it is best to hire expert instead of doing it on your own. At Indiana Expert Painting, we can hand paint the lines around your trim and ceiling with surgical skill and minimal need for tape.


 Indiana Expert Painting comes with 40 years of experience, these lines don't lie. 


If you choose to paint walls yourself, you may not notice the same drywall imperfections that a professional painter might notice. Even with the best paint and brush, an unprepped surface will not live up to its full potential.


3. You Want to Avoid Accidents


Most painting includes the use of ladders or scaffolding. If you are painting the exterior of your house, odds are you may not even have a tall enough ladder to reach your peaks. Using a shorter ladders for bigger job is an accident waiting to happen. Falls account for around 8 million ER visits every year.

"What have I done?" 


Once you bring heavy paint buckets and heights into the mix, you are increasing your odds of an accident through dropping a bucket or tool on someone below not to mention spilling paint on your floor. When you hire expert painters that are insured, you can rest easy knowing that you or your loved ones don’t have to climb to uncomfortable heights.


4. You Want to Add Texture or Designs


There are plenty of unique textures and designs you can incorporate into your home to make it stand out or even dampen sounds. Orange peel, faux finishes, popcorn, and other textures might require the paint to be sprayed on which isn’t something an amateur should be doing due to the risks of drips and over-spray.


Geometric patterns, stripes, and accents can be difficult for the untrained even with the use of painters tape. Ensuring the tape doesn’t peel off the dried paint is a real concern, especially after the hours of labor you’ve put into a job to watch it fall apart before you. Painters tape can also allow paint to “bleed” into the areas you don’t want if you are using inferior materials.


What Now? Is It Too Late?


It is never too late to ask for help!


Do you need help fixing some walls or doing touch ups? Do you need help reaching those high peaks that desperately need paint? Call Indiana Expert Painting for a FREE ESTIMATE. We can help you with any job from interior and exterior painting to cabinets and doors. 


There are a million ways to make your house look attractive, bold and different.


Let Indiana Expert Painting help you achieve your vision without the headache of doing it yourself.


Call 317-813-9615 or click here and let us serve you!


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